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winfive_aboutusCOMPANY PROFILE
The company Win Five was first established in Australia in 1998 by Vinod Kumar Jain and his wife Vinita Jain, and started developing the Trophy component supply business in Australia. It was based on sourcing and supplies to Australian Distributors in the trade, and many products were sourced from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. As business developed, Win Five started indirect manufacturing through Malaysian sub-contractors to enhance its supply and market position and created its own line of trophy components to supply to Australian wholesalers and distributors. The market was also expanded and we supplied, to Europe and New Zealand. In 1999 Win Five started exports to USA-Canada through their distributor for USA-Canada who sells a big range of Win Five's trophy components for wholesale distribution in USA and Canada.

In 1999 we set up an operational office in Kuala Lumpur (which is now located in Penang, Malaysia), to oversee production and exports, quality inspection, as well as to be close to the manufacturing through sub-contractors to further enhance it's ongoing creative ideas and product developments. Today Win Five through their proxies ans associated companies, has the full integrated manufacturing facilities including plastic injection moulding, vacuum plating, hot roll foiling, ultra sonic welding and assembly. We also have a team of dedicated technicians and consultants working closely with us in our manufacturing, co-ordination, sourcing, pricing, quality control, final inspection and business development. Winfive also undertakes graphic designing and technical drawings  for new designs.

Today Win Five exports to major wholesalers and distributors worldwide, and supplies to many leaders in the industry in USA-Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, West Indies, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. The market is being further expanded continuously. Winfive is amongst the top ten suppliers of trophy parts in the world and enjoys one of the finest reputations in the industry based on customer loyalty, honesty, sincerity, integrity, and dedication.

Win Five has had a reputation since 1999 to constantly deliver winning trophy designs to the Trophy Industry worldwide, and continues to amaze all in the trade by its ability to repeatedly come up with new practical innovative designs which are well received by the trade and are also profitable for distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Vinod Jain who is the Managing Director of Win Five is blessed with a natural ability to create, innovate and invent new designs and concepts within the trophy components and trophy industry. With 45 years of experience behind him, he is amongst a rare handful of original trophy design innovators in the trophy industry worldwide, and many in the trade eagerly wait for his new idea launches.